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We believe in an old-fashioned handshake to seal a deal, giving our customers the best product at the best price possible, and sharing with others what we have been blessed to receive.
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About Tiller Farms

A Unique Twist On A Classic

The dream of Tiller Farms's founders stems from a lineage of multiple generations of moonshiners kept alive in the family kitchen. Our recipes all started at home with ‘spiked snacks’ and shared with friends and family.

2020 starts a new chapter and we are excited to give you the chance to enjoy the deliciousness that is Tiller Farms, and share it with all your friends!

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Tiller Farms Products

Our Farm Fresh Cocktails are availiable in a range of delicious flavors. We are always experimenting with new combinations, so follow us on social media to see what we are working on next!
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Georgia Spiked Peaches

A Georgian classic reimagined. We start with 5x’s distilled high-end vodka and add a one-of-a-kind blend of natural peach flavor to create the best peach vodka on the market.

Keeping with the Tiller Farms tradition we add delicious sun ripened peaches for an extra treat. All that’s left is to enjoy! Be sure to check out our recipe page for delicious and exciting ways to enjoy this summer classic.

Georgia Spiked Peaches Recipes

strawberry cocktails, tiller farms strawberry, summer sundae strawberries

Summer Sundae Strawberries

Tiller Farms is proud to introduce our newest farm fresh cocktail, Summer Sundae Strawberry. We were inspired by our favorite summer treat fresh sweetened strawberries over poured over shortcake. We love to chill this one in the fridge and pour over ice. We also like to savor the flavor with our favorite lemonade, sweet tea or fresh juice of choice while sitting in a rocking chair enjoying the view on a lazy June Sunday afternoon. While all our flavors are incredible Strawberry Summer Sundae makes our favorite boozy dessert…….. You guessed it Tiller Farms Summer Sundae with boozy strawberries poured over shortcake with real whipped cream.

Summer Sundae Strawberries Recipes

apple cocktails, specialty cocktails, tiller farms apple

Kentucky Apple Pie

Enjoy our version of an age old apple pie moonshine recipe. We start with our classic family apple pie recipe, using our 5x’s distilled premium vodka for a clean, smooth taste. Then we add our secret blend of spices and seasonings to make, in our opinion, the best apple pie ever. The cloudy appearance is a natural product of choosing to flavor our cocktail the old fashioned way with pure, delicious apple cider.

It’s so good we could have easily stopped there, but it just wouldn’t be Tiller Farms if we didn’t add a few sweet apple slices to dress it up and infuse that perfect touch of natural goodness.

cocktail olives, tiller farms, jumbo cocktail olives

Ultimate Cocktail Olives

At Tiller Farms we treat Olives as what they truly are….. FRUIT. We use Sicilian Jumbo Olives preserved in brine to capture that vine fresh flavor. We created our Tiller Farms Ultimate Cocktail Olives with the idea that those fresh flavors would be in every last drop of our Vodka. When you take a premium vodka and add an incredible olive you can’t help but remind everyone why olives are the “go to” garnish for vodka martinis.

While we make Tiller Farms to be enjoyed straight out of our beautiful bottle, we expect that you might be inspired by the salty goodness to create your own drinks. The boozy olives make the perfect garnish for the dirty (dare we say filthy) martini. Here at Tiller Farms we love adding a little blue cheese to stuff them as a treat. Tiller Farms Ultimate Cocktail Olives make Ultimate Bloody Mary’s as well with all the trimmings for an incredible Sunday Brunch cocktail. Whatever way you choose to enjoy it this flavor, we are excited to share our recipe with you.

Tiller Farms Recipes

Our ready to enjoy cocktails are fabulous by themselves, but they really shine in these recipes!
Farmland Fuzzy Navel

Farmland Fuzzy Navel

2 oz. Tiller Farms Peach

5 oz. Orange Juice

Pour over ice

Garnish with Spiked Peach

Southern Apple Juice

Southern Apple Juice

2 oz. Tiller Farms Apple

5 oz. Apple Cider

Splash of lemon lime soda

Pour over ice

Garnish with Spiked Apple

Peach Tillertini

Peach Tillertini

1.5 oz. Tiller Farms Peach

1.5 oz. Lass and Lions Tennessee Vodka

1 oz. Peach nectar

Shake with ice

Garnish with Spiked Peach

Autumn Sangria

Autumn Sangria

1 part Merlot

1 part Tiller Farms Apple

1 part Apple cider

Pour over ice

Garnish with fresh diced apples and diced Spiked Apples

Tiller Peach Melba

Tiller Peach Melba

2 oz. Tiller Farms Peach

1 oz. Pureed raspberries

1 oz. peach nectar

2 oz. lemon lime soda

Serve over ice

Garnish with Spiked Peach and fresh raspberry

Washington Apple

Washington Apple

1 oz. Tiller Farms Apple

.5 oz. Crown Royal Whiskey

Splash Cranberry Juice

Splash Sour Mix

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